Helping people with DiversAbilities live independently

About us

Our History

SALN is a Network made of self-advocates from leading organizations in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Northern BC. The majority of SALN members are part of local and provincial self-advocacy and advisory groups. SALN is aware and interested in the BC self-advocate movement.

SALN aims to bring together self-advocate leaders to support and learn from each other, and to work on projects that bring about positive change for people with disabilities and communities.

SALN members with their leadership experience are expected to mentor others to help build self-advocate leaders in the disability movement within SALN and their own organizations.

Who is BCSALN?

Our mission

To promote a good life through positive and informed: actions, networking, and advocacy. The SALN mission statement is what guides SALN.  SALN and SALN members must follow the mission statement.

SALN Vision

The SALN vision is what SALN wants for the disability community

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